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Kano discography:

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London Town
Year: 2007
Genre: hip-hop
London Town
Year: 2007
Genre: hip-hop
This is the Girl featuring Craig David
Year: 2007
Genre: rap
London Town
Year: 2007
Genre: rap
London Town (album sampler)
Year: 2007
Genre: hip-hop
Fuck the Chorus
Year: 2007
Genre: hip-hop
London Town bonus disc
Year: 2007
Genre: hip-hop
Bus Dat
Year: 2006
Genre: hip-hop
Year: 2006
Genre: electronic
Typical Me (album sampler)
Year: 2005
Genre: hip-hop
Home Sweet Home
Year: 2005
Genre: hip-hop
Beats and Bars
Year: 2005
Genre: hip-hop
Coming Back
Year: 2005
Genre: house
Remember Me
Year: 2005
Genre: hip-hop
Nite Nite
Year: 2005
Genre: beat
The Best of Kano
Year: 2005
Genre: beat
Get set (including High Contrast remix)
Year: 2005
Genre: hip-hop
It's A War (Ikeya Seki)
Year: 2004
Genre: house
PS and Qs
Year: 2004
Genre: hip-hop
Mic Fight
Year: 2004
Genre: beat
Typical Me
Year: 2004
Genre: beat
Another Life 2000
Year: 1998
Genre: dance
It's A War (I'm Ready Holly Dolly)
Year: 1993
Genre: disco
I'm Ready / Holly Dolly
Year: 1980
Genre: disco
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